1. gixWorks and openness

    The last few days, from July 16th to 17th, I was in Berlin for the Open Knowledge Festival and I was thrilled to attend to the keynote given by Neelie Kroes. During the keynote, the European Commissioner for Digital Agenda stressed the importance of digital enterprises to overcome major challenges of our times, such as youth unemployment in European Union: I appreciate her efforts in trying to drive government decisions in order to make life easier for entrepreneurs. She is also an advocate of openness of data, education, software and information. 

    I share her vision and, as a professional, I try to live up to this work ethics. I work with the City of Amsterdam in projects that involve the development of free, open and reusable software for the government through Code for Europe and Civic Exchange (the Samenspel app developed by Vierenvijftig is used in West district of Amsterdam).

    In my app development business, I use and participate in the development of the open source projects on GitHub.

    I also released under an open source license the code that powers the Vtiger mobile client “Contactical” (available on the App Store): my goal is to enable more people to create amazing app based on my library and enrich the lively community around the Vtiger CRM software, also released under an open license. 

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  2. New version, new cool features


    A new version of Contactical for Vtiger (1.2.1) has been submitted to the App Store. You will see it available in a few days. Here’s the cool new feature this time:

    The application now synchronises appointments even when it is not running!

    Sounds good, doesn’t it?  Get it on the App Store!

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  3. Contactical for Vtiger CRM available on the App Store


    Contactical for Vtiger CRM is now available for purchase on the App Store! [iTunes Link]

    A big “thank you” to all beta testers!

    I truly hope it’s going to be a helpful tool for your business!


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  4. Becoming part of it

    Years ago, when the App Store launched and especially when Steve Jobs spoke to Developers at WWDC, I really wanted to be a part of it. And not as a spectator or as a “professional appreciator”, but as a player. 


    Today, ContactiCal, as my first paid app, is available on the iOS App Store, this is finally true.

    I would like to quote this dialogue from the movie “High Fidelity”, between the main character Rob, finally releasing his first own CD, and his girlfriend Laura:

    ‘It’s just a 3 song CD, it’s a single. It’s not a big deal.’

    ‘It just that you’re making something. You, the critic. The professional appreciator put something new into the world. The second one of those things gets sold to someone you’re officially a part of it.’

    Yes, it’s just an app. Not a big deal. But I put something new into the world, and now I am officially a part of that world that Steve Jobs created. 

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  5. A new blog to follow

    I recently started a new social innovation enterprise with my friend and colleague Ohyoon Kwon. 

    You may want to follow our projects on the new blog at fixingwhatmatters.tumblr.com

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  6. Free preview of a Vtiger CRM mobile application for iOS

    I have been working on a mobile calendar application for Vtiger CRM for iOS.

    ContactiCal is a mobile calendar client for Vtiger and Sugar CRM.
    Fast, elegant and intuitive to use.

    Currently you can sign up for the free preview at http://www.contactic.al

    I’ll be glad to receive your feedback!

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  7. Public Administration + Open Source

    The “Samenspel” app developed for Buurt Praktijk Team in Amsterdam during Code for Europe 2013 is now live. 

    And open sourced here: http://codeforeurope.github.io/samenspel/

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  8. Documenting vTiger CRM mobile API

    As there little documentation about vTiger CRM mobile API (not to be confused with vTiger Webservices, which are fairly documented in the wiki) I decided it was time to make my notes public. 

    To do so, I published a repository here: https://github.com/gixWorks/vtiger-mobile-client-ios

    It currently contains only documentation, but I aim at distributing Objective-C code at some point, namely when I will be able to provide a library that it is decoupled from my application’s code and reusable enough by other developers.

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